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Terms & Conditions of Hire

  1. It is the duty of the hirer to provide a duly authorised representative to accept the goods and give written acceptance that the goods are in a satisfactory condition & without damage. If the hirer fails to provide for this, he/she will not be permitted to dispute the facts of delivery & these conditions.
  2. During the period of hire, the hirer is solely responsible for the hired goods and must insure against all risk.
  3. Furniture must be used for its sole intended purpose only. The company does not accept liability for any damage or injury to goods or persons caused by misuse of the hired furniture.
  4. Any damage caused to hire goods, beyond reasonable wear and tear, will be the responsibility of the hirer. Any repair work necessary as a result will be chargeable. damage
  5. ATB furniture is for internal use only. If it is the intention of the hirer to use the hired goods in areas where they are likely to be effected by inclement weather, then they must get prior written acceptance from the company director.
  6. The company will make every endeavour to effect delivery and collection of the hired items at a time indicated by the hirer but will not under any circumstance be liable for any delay in delivery/collection, or failure to delivery/collect , nor for any expense caused to the hirer by such delay.
  7. Delivery instructions must be confirmed by the hirer, to the company, a minimum of 28 days prior to the delivery/collection.
  8. All deliveries will be assumed to take place at one continuous ground level. It is the hirers responsibility to Inform ATB of any restricted access, level changes, or tight access at the time of booking. ATB will not be liable for any aborted deliveries due to in-sufficient access. If additional deliveries are required, then they will be charged pro rata at the quoted rate.
  9. All measurements provided will be an approximate.
  10. If the hirer fails to return any goods hired by him at the end of the agreed hire period or within seven days from the company making a written demand; the hirer shall pay to the company, the current market replacement cost of the items which have not been returned.
  11. A 30% hire value deposit is payable from the hirer to the company within 7 days of receipt of invoice. Final balance payment is payable 14 days prior to the hire commencement.
  12. Written notice of cancellation must be provided by the hirer no less than 14 days prior to the commencement of the hire to avoid a full rate charge for the whole of the hired period.
  13. The company charges a refundable damage deposit of 10% of the order value. This is payable on the final invoice and will be refunded within 7 days of collection.
  14. All ATB furniture is constructed from naturally occurring products and will vary in shades and consistency. Imagery on the company website and social media provides a representation of the furniture provided.
  15. The company is only hiring out the goods and at no point will they be sold.
  16. By accepting confirmation of your order you are accepting our Terms and Conditions. These are the terms to which you will be contracted. No alteration or substitution to the terms and conditions will be valid unless agreed in writing by both parties.
  17. Furniture must be kept away from sources of ignition or excessive heat. ATB furniture is not fire resistant.


When you pay a deposit you are paying in part for a product (or service) supplied by All Things Borrowed Ltd. Paying the deposit shows that you intend to buy the product/service and it means you are entering into a contract, detailed in the terms & conditions shown above. Should you disagree with any of the terms stated, you should raise this with us prior to making your deposit payment.