Taking a moment to say ‘Hi!’

So here it is.. My VERY FIRST blog post EVER! I’m currently jumping from side to side as its taken me what feels like forever to do!!

So at this very moment I am giving myself a massive pat on the back as its no secret to everyone that knows me, just how useless I am with technology. Lets just say that every day is a school day for me at the moment, so bear with me guys whilst I get to grips with this wonderful world of blogging. In fact rephrase that, the wonderful world of blogging, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and all the rest!! Ha. Joking aside though, I’m LOVING it! and I will be a pro in no time (fingers firmly crossed).

This blog was essential for the All Things Borrowed site to be the voice to keep you updated with what we have been up to, new collections, shoots, inspirations, people we love and anything else that we can think of.

So lets start things off by saying Hi, and welcome to the All Things Borrowed blog. If you have taken the time to have a little flick through the site then you will have probably come across the story behind it all. For those who haven’t, here’s a little recap..

I have literally wanted to do this for years but it finally all started on one Boxing Day in 2013 when I got asked those four HUGE little words.. “Will you marry me?” and of course the answer was “Yes”. Pretty much from that moment onwards I knew (uh hum, we knew) what type of wedding day we wanted. We wanted something that would break away from the textbook wedding, that’s not to say that we don’t like those types of weddings because that’s completely untrue, we just wanted something that reflected us two as a couple. We wanted something really laid back, in a blank industrial style setting, on which we could be let loose to create what truly was the best day ever!

As we were wanting something empty we knew we had to fill it, I became quickly frustrated with all the boring stuff available to hire, so here comes the part where my ideas could finally be let loose. Most people thought we were mad a first. Most didn’t really get it until the day came.

Most ‘brides to be’ start their count down to va va voom gorgeousness, whereas I on the other hand was in over my head with wood stain swatches, paint swatches , scaffold boards, hands that resembled sandpaper from all the sanding, bruises in most places, fuzzy head from all the Googling and Pinterest boards as long as the dictionary.

But everything came together (as I knew it would) and looked insane! Absolutely perfect, and that’s when the bug got me from that moment! I knew this was what I wanted to do!

Fast forward to today and our collections are ever growing. We want to create exciting spaces filled with our gorgeous furniture and floral prettiness. We want to be inspired by amazing venues. We want to reach out to all you gorgeous lot that want something different, creative, cool, trendy, edgy  (if this sounds a bit granny now I do apologise) but you get the idea…

Does that sound like you? Get in touch, we would LOVE to hear from you!

So there you have it. Think its about time I wrap things up for now.

Until next time folks xx

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