On one October day…

You know when you stumble across one of those days that goes better than you could have imagined… yeah well that’s what happened on one October day last year.

Knowing that this was going to be the start of a collection of images for the site, we knew we had to find somewhere that would reflect everything that we love. Masses of gorgeous natural light, tick! A huge open space filled with original features, tick! Something that had a certain type of industrial bite to it, tick, tick, tick!! Ok I loved it and knew it was the perfect look for our very first shoot (eek!)

Featured in the images are ‘The Dawson Table’ together with our ‘Fold Up’ chairs, styled with our copper leaf vases filled with pastel floral prettiness.

We also have ‘The Ferdene Table’ with our ‘Mix Matched’ chairs along one side, and ‘Bench Me Up’ with various throws on the opposite. With a lush textured foliage garland running down the middle dotted with vintage brass candlesticks, this makes it a firm favourite of mine.

Other items used are our Whiskey Barrel and Small Cable Reel.

Take a look guys …

Special thanks are a must to the oh so talented Dave. www.dcwhittaker.com This is the guy who blew me away with our wedding pics and who is behind ALL the All Things Borrowed site. More exciting projects coming our way very shortly.

Also to Hallam Mills Studios in Stockport. Thank you Jim Gormley for letting us use your fab space! www.truedefinition.co.uk

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